Pakya - The Little Olive Farm




Finally, in Spring 2017 "all" trees are in full flower. What a feeling after six years.

And despite devastating fires and a draught did I have olives to harvest.
24 of March was the day for harvesting, the result on March 25.
Declicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil




In March 2016 I could harvest enough olives to have my first few litres of olive oil.

Favoloso, Mission and Nocellara were pressed to a delicious, well balanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Picking in the morning and pressing in the afternoon to have it tasted with freshly baked bread in the evening. A gourmet dinner that cannot be exceeded by any

Favoloso   Mission

After a very hot and dry summer, olives were harvested mid March.

Marianne   Fredy
Brigitte und Najwa  

Olives are picked by hand.
A happy day filled with hard work.

Oliven waschen   Oliven sortieren
Oliven pressen  

Thank you, Arend of Portion 36 that you haven't forgotten how exciting and special it is to press olives for the first time.

Oel fliesst   Testing
Die ersten 5 Liter  




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Gordon's Bay,
South Africa