Pakya - The Little Olive Farm




Dreams come a size too big so you can grow into them

That is how it felt when I could buy the 11'000 m2 property in March 2011.

I always loved plants, trees, gardening and olive oil. Together with the climate in the Cape the thought of planting olive trees was the first that came to my mind.

Today, it is approx. 370 olive trees, mainly Favoloso, Frantoia and Mission. And because Nocellara is such a beautiful name and the olives delicious, space was found for a few more trees.

One of the first questions you may like to be answered is, what does Pakya mean.

Kya (African) means "Diamonds in the sky"
Pa I took from "Patience"

My interpretation is:
Patience brings diamonds in the sky - and in my life.

Challenges in 2017

Another very dry winter in the Cape ...



... but beautiful spring days.




My favourite four-leg visitors


Happy Bees


Happy gardeners


On November 7, devastating fires in Gordon's Bay


Approx. 60 olive trees were destroyed and the whole hedge along the back of my garden.
Many plants recovered, but as many trees and bushes had to be replaced.


Almond and...


... Pomygranate harvest.


First harvest in 2014




Leccino and Frantoia were planted in winter 2015.




Mission in 2013


... and a few older trees in the foreground


Between the trees, Lavender blooms in spring. In the beginning bigger than the olive trees.


Wild bush in 2011



First Favoloso planted in June 2011


130 more followed in 2012




5, Clearwaters Road
Gordon's Bay,
South Africa